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From the beginning the Schuen family is feeling deeply bounded to music. Paul and Hilda teached their children Marlene, Elisabeth and Andrè from childhood on to make music together and so to appreciate and carry on the value of the traditional ladin and tyrolean music.

Paul Hilda
Paul and Hilda Schuen



When he was a Child Paul was teached by his father with the Styrean Accordeon and from the age of 25 he conducted the marching and concert band of "La Val until the year 2002. Beside his Job in a weaving mill, where he works together with his wife Hilda he is a teacher in der Gader-Valley musicschool.
The young parents started early to inspire the musicality of their children. Paul taught them how to play the recorder and Hilda sang with them.

For the musical education of their children they did almost everything. For years they drove Andè to Cello lessons to Gardena or Marlene and Elisabeth to Violin lessons to Sand in Taufers every week.

It worked out very soon and the family startet making music together. Through the widely spread repertoire, which contains sung and played ladin and tyrolean folkmusic the family became known outside of their livingroom. The family Schuen was invited to TV-Schows (e.g. "Mei liabste Weis´", "Klingendes Österreich", Unter unserem Himmel"), to the "Tiroler Advendsingen" in Innsbruck and to the "Suntory Hall" in Tokyo, as well as many other Concerts.

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